Saturday, 22 September 2012

Owls with Oak Leaves and Acorns

I made these earrings yesterday with my last (for now) pair of glass eyes. I was looking for a 'dangle' to add under the owl, but I didn't fancy grinding any pottery shards [it is hard work, and I have to wear a dust mask and goggles, and do lots of cleaning up afterwards...] so I thought I'd do an oak leaf.
After I had made the leaf - I remembered that I had some tiny copper acorns that I had made a while back as bail decorations  - and managed to find them (a miracle) - and they were the right size!

I added them, and 'owl with oak leaf and acorn' earrings were born - very very fiddly to make but fun and very seasonal!

Owl earrings with glass eyes, and copper acorns

When I was looking for the acorns on my blog, I discovered that I had made them exactly a year previously! 21st of September 2011. Funny coincidence! I guess it's the seasonal changes...

Last year's post about the acorns


  1. Loving the Owlies, and these with oak leaves and acorn as especially sweet!

  2. Funny how the seasons have an impact on our work.
    These earrings are just gorgeous Tania and worth the effort.

    Claire :}


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