Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Purple Fragment Earrings

I found it hard to start working yesterday - I was still in owl mode, but have to wait for the eyes, and still not really in the mood for grinding pottery shards. So I took out my (tiny) bag of purple shards (I love purple) and had a play with the pieces in there, in hope of finding some inspiration.

Some of the shards are really small, and I have never used them before, as they are too small to be shaped into 'dots'.
But - they are so pretty!
So - I decided to use them as they are -but in clusters.
I now have a whole page of sketches of ideas and possibilities!

Here are the first earrings in this series, I am working on a pair of blue and red ones today...

Purple Fragment Earrings - Pottery Shards and Silver
The bottom fragment in the left earring is a piece of Delftware, around 300 years old!
Most of the other pieces are probably Victorian

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  1. Lovely pattern ... tea and biscuits sounds wonderful this morning. It's turned cold here


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