Monday, 29 October 2012

Leaf and Moonstone Necklace (and some turquoise earrings)

I feel I should be doing more experiments, but there is no time - I am trying to stock up my shops as best I can. There will be time for experiments later I hope....

So - a new necklace with a lovely piece of leafy pottery and a moonstone:

And some turquoise earrings:

And these ones are from last week but I didn't have a chance to post them - they are already on their way to their new owner, I hope that hurricane Sandy doesn't delay them too much!


  1. It's rather rubbish this having no time to experiment hey? I have all these ideas buzzing, but not a moment to play. x

  2. The Second one i really like it.Its look so nice and precious.Is it hand made?or not.

    turquoise earrings

  3. All my jewellery is hand made.. The turquoise stones really make these earrings though. I'm glad you like them :-)


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