Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Granulated Handmade Chain

Busy trying to keep on top of everything (even orders!) - I managed to 'steal' some hours (OK, quite a lot of hours) to make a chain.

As you may know, making chain is one of my favourite jewellery making activities, and I would do this all day long if I could.
It's a slow process - especially chain this fine, and there is no point in trying to hurry it. The chain will eventually grow, inch by inch...

So for this one I decided to use granulated silver balls, made from recycled scraps of silver.
Each link was soldered, then textured and shaped into slightly irregular links by squashing them with pliers. Then half of them were left as they were, as connectors, and half had silver granules randomly soldered inside or outside of the links.

I was trying to make a chain that it good for everyday wear, that you just throw on and forget about, but is still a bit different.
No clasps yet, but I have something in mind...

It will look better oxidised but I will have to finish it first...


  1. Wow! Having been making chain of my own recently, I know how much work that must be. Looks nice!

  2. Beautiful! I tried fusing in fine silver to make chain a while back and now you've got me motivated to try another -they are fun to make but time consuming ;)


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