Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Purple and Green - Amethyst and Raku Earrings

It's been a while since I last wrote anything. For various reasons I haven't been able to do much work over the last couple of weeks. This has been frustrating and not through choice, but sometimes these things happen...
Anyway, yesterday I managed to get to my bench for a little while.

I am still in the theme of combining pottery shards and gemstones. I tried my hand at reshaping a druzy cabochon that I bought ages ago, in a beautiful light lilac. It was too big for earrings so I though I would try the same technique I use on my pottery shards.
It worked! I managed to make two teardrop pieces out of it! Not perfect, but usable.

Here is an earring in the original design, with a faceted amethyst, a raku pottery shard and the druzy drop:

Then I decided that although I love the colour combination - they were too long (I often make that mistake) and shortened them:

I will now use the druzy drops for a different pair. 

Here is the only picture I found of the whole unchopped druzy - here combined with some pottery shards when I was 'sketching' out possible brooch designs.

I would love to do a proper cabochon cutting course, but I can't find any here in the UK.

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