Thursday, 27 December 2012

Grey Sea Glass Rivière Necklace - Planning Stages

A picture I found on Pinterest led me to discover the name for a necklace made of graduated stones - Riviere. Usually precious, faceted and graduated in size. The definition is here.

Here are some examples that I love:

Georgian Amethyst Riviere Necklace
Tourmaline Riviere Necklace
Georgian Harlequin Necklace

Well, my one is just in the planning stages, but I have been collecting the pieces (gradually buying them) from an Etsy sea glass seller. I am in love with sea glass - to me it is just as beautiful as precious stones, and I especially love the smoky grey shades.

Not precious, not faceted but I think it will still qualify once it is finished  (it is graduated after all) - just one of the many projects I'm planning for 2013:

Shades of grey sea glass -  click for actual size (approx)


  1. Can't wait to see this one! I LOVE sea glass, and this color and style will no doubt be stunning when you are done!!

  2. OOOoooh it's going to be beautiful

  3. Love sea glass... this is a great idea


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