Friday, 18 January 2013


We are probably not technically snowed in just yet, but I don't have any plans to leave the house the entire weekend. I did my panic food shopping last night, thank goodness.

Anyway, I have been interested in recycling my scraps of silver in the past few weeks, so my newest designs use silver granules for decoration in different ways.

Yesterday I made a pair of earrings that was very mosaic like in its use of dots - I suppose my love of mosaics will always find a way to come out...

Recycled silver earrings with ice quartz

Some are hammered and some left round, all soldered without a backing, so there are gaps between the joins. I left all the tool marks intact - it is recycled silver and I like the organic look.

Here are some other earrings using this technique, this time with sea glass:

Recycled silver with sea glass

The pendant I'm working on is similar and also uses sea glass, but this time I'll oxidise it to see how that looks...

Sea Glass pendant - work in progress

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