Thursday, 24 January 2013

Sea Glass Flower Ring

Here is a ring I made as part of my new (and completely unplanned) sea glass flower collection:

I'm not normally a keeper of sketchbooks, and my work just sort of evolves. My sketchbook is used mainly to jot down ideas before they disappear. Often the ideas never make it that far, so they float off to find someone else.

Anyway - the latest sea glass pieces have come about from a mixture of things:

  • I love sea glass. 
  • The patterns on the pottery shards - although delightful - are a design element in their own right and sometimes I think they need very little input from me - they just need to be framed. Sea glass is just colour, so I feel more free to add stuff. 
  • I have been trying to use up my silver scrap instead of taking it in to be recycled and getting a fraction of what I paid for it.
  • I enjoy fiddly work , so arranging and soldering tiny dots of silver is right up my street!

Now I have an urge to try and use some gold... But I'm afraid it's a bit too expensive for me. Keum boo will have to do...

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