Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bracelet a Month - Challenge - WIP

Inspired by the various groups on Flickr that do different challenges such as Ring a Day or Brooch a Month - I have decided to do one for myself - Bracelet a Month.

It's already March, and I am a couple of months behind, so today I cut the pieces for the January bracelet, which I hope to finish in the next few days...

The pattern I have chosen is a blue and white quatrefoil. I absolutely love this, and have made some earrings with it in the past. This bracelet has now used up ALL my collection of quatrefoil shards, which I had collected over the past couple of years. No more hoarding!

As usual - I love the variations of a similar pattern in slightly different ways, and I think most of these pieces were hand painted.

quatrefoil pottery shards bracelet - wip

If anyone wants to join me and have me add your bracelets to my posts - welcome - just leave me a comment!!!

Here are the earrings which were made while ago.
quatrefoil pattern shards

quatrefoil pattern earrings made from above shards

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  1. Lovely Tania & a new word for me 'quatrefoil' & such a nice one. Julia


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