Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bracelet a Month February

I have been doing a bit of this and a bit of that this last week - pottery shards, enamel, sea glass...I think the common element is colour - and that I need to make jewellery that is colourful. Not that I don't love plain metal... But if I wear jewellery - it is to add some colour to my mostly black outfits :-)

Anyway - I did the catching up on my challenge - to make a bracelet each month in 2013. The February bracelet is pottery shards in red and blue:

Here is the bracelet with the shards that were left over - I don't find many pieces with colour on them, and even fewer that have more than one colour.  The loose shard at the 6 o'clock  is Delftware, over 300 years old, and in the bracelet itself I have used a couple of those as well.  I don't really know the dates of any of the other pieces...


  1. Lovely, I could look at this for hours, it holds so many stories of which we can only imagine. Julia


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