Friday, 15 March 2013

March Bracelet WIP - Wearability

Friends who know me will know that is a subject I am very opinionated about. I look at loads and loads of pictures of jewellery, online and in books. Some of the pieces, although beautiful - will just not hang well when worn, or will be very uncomfortable or even dangerous!
I have nothing against art jewellery, and a lot of it is very beautiful and interesting, but I believe jewellery that is meant to be worn should be comfortable - even to the point that you should forget you have it on.

This makes life slightly more difficult for the jewellery designer, as some wonderful and aesthetically pleasing ideas just don't work the first time you try them. And they need to be reworked. I spend a lot of time trying to make sure that my earrings are not too heavy and won't get caught in your hair or irritate your neck, and that necklaces hang well, don't twist, etc'. I'm sure that there have been times I haven't got it right - but it is something that is always on my mind.

Yesterday I was working on my March bracelet, and when I had finished all he metalwork - I tried it on and realized there was a problem - it twisted! It's a slightly different design than the tried and tested one I use for my pottery shard bracelets - as it will feature sea glass, and I wanted to try something new.

So now I am in the process of un-soldering the links and re-soldering them in a different configuration to try and correct the problem.

This was the first type of connection I made - with jump rings between two bezels. This made quite a big gap between the bezels, and the links started twisting...

I am now changing the links to look like this - eliminating the extra jump ring and making the gaps smaller and less likely to twist on the wrist. I will probably also have to add and extra bezel to make up the length.
I hope it works because it's taking ages!

The four links on the left have been fixed, only five (or six) to go...

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  1. It's this attention to detail that makes all the difference to a piece of jewellery. It'll be great to see the finished piece:D


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