Friday, 5 April 2013

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Necklace

Amongst all the pieces of sea glass I have bought over the past few months, there were lots of tiny, tiny pieces. I decided that the best way to use them was to drill holes in them and make them into beads...

I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials about how to drill sea glass, and somehow managed to break two diamond drill bits in a matter of minutes... Expensive!

But being a stubborn soul, I ordered another one and decided to have one last go. Patience is the key here, especially with pieces of glass this tiny. I managed to drill the ones I had set aside for this necklace, and my drill bit is still intact!

In retrospect - it would have been much faster to bezel set these, tiny as they are, but I have acquired a new skill - glass drilling, and I revisited wire wrapping - something I haven't done for ages.

Anyway - here is the result - the main piece is bezel set, with a wire wrapped fringe, in gorgeous shades of turquoise, ice and cornflower blue...

1 comment:

  1. Definitely worth the effort, the fringe looks lovely and the colours are gorgeous.


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