Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bracelet of the Month - May 2013

I had all sorts of ideas about the bracelet I wanted to make this month - bluebell inspired, garden inspired... But in the end I made one out of Staffordshire combed slipware. Made around 1690-1830 - the pattern looks like icing, and comes in as many variations and the potters who made them could think of.

Thank you Julia, I often refer to your Mudlarking blog as a source of information!

I rarely use these shards in my work although I have quite a collection of them by now - I think they are beautiful but they are very thick, and very difficult to shape.
New advances in my pottery shaping technology (a new gizmo) mean I can now do this much more easily, so here it is at last...

Staffordshire combed slipware bracelet by Tania Covo
Staffordshire combed slipware pottery shard bracelet


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