Monday, 13 May 2013

Photographing Bluebells, Monochrome and a Chaotic Start to the Week...

May is my favourite month because of the rapeseed fields and the bluebells. Bluebells are at their very best at the moment, and while walking through them this weekend I discovered the secret of getting better bluebell photos.
When you take them from normal person height, even though they look lovely - they appear rather sparse in the photos:

If you want to capture the sheer blue carpetiness - you have to crouch down to the bluebell level, and take the photo from that angle:

Both photos were taken in the same spot but for the second one I was lying on the ground. I was quite pleased to discover that, and it may be useful to you :-)

Jewellery - I realised that I was getting distracted by the beautiful colours of the glass, and could have gone on making my three drop earrings forever. So - I decided to go monochrome and just use seafoam glass for a while, to concentrate on some new designs.
I love the combination of seafoam (a very light green or aqua) and oxidised silver - it brings out the 'inner glow' of the glass and makes it look watery and pretty. So here is one of the designs I had intended to try out (OK, I'm still in threes, but they are slightly different)...

Sprigs sea glass earrings

I plan to work only with seafoam glass this week, an see what I come up with.

And lastly - my week started by me locking myself out of the house at just after eight this morning... I went out with the recycling stuff, in a t-shirt and my work trousers, a dust mask (dont ask) on and a knife in my hand to dismantle some cardboard boxes, and closed the door behind me. As soon as I did that I realised my mistake, calmly went about cutting up the boxes and putting the recycling out (denial), then sat on my steps, posted the dust mask and knife back indoors through the letterbox, and realised I was stranded.

Everyone I know that has a key was either at work or school, and I don't know anyone's mobile number by heart.... Luckily my nice next door neighbours called a locksmith for me and I was back inside within the hour, but it completely put my day on a slant. I will have to give them a spare set of keys so they can rescue me again next time I am absent minded...

Thank you Sharon and Cyrus :-) and thank goodness for nice neighbours!


  1. Those forest shots are beautiful and I do like the earrings too!

  2. flower carpet is dreamy ... as are the earrings! love the seafoam color

  3. Love the delicate colour of the seafoam glass, it goes great with the oxidized silver.
    The bluebells are magical :D

  4. Thank you Tania, I've been out hunting blue bells at the weekend too, I can never let a year go by without seeking them out, I expect you know that Britain is the only county where blue bells carpet woods and thanks for the tip, I've been taking photos too, but not from the ground, off bluebell seeking in Kent next weekend I hope, so I'll try it out. Hope you start venturing out the foreshore again soon, it's not too cold now, maybe bump into you. Julia

    1. Hi Julia,
      I hope you post the bluebell photos! I have mainly been lazy, and quite caught up with sea glass, but I will definitely be going down to foreshore soon, perhaps next week! It would be lovely to meet you there!


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