Friday, 17 May 2013

This Week's Monochromes

My self inflicted rule of using only 'seafoam' sea glass this week so that I could work out some new designs was quite fun. I might continue for a little while longer. Some worked better than others...

First I made these, which I am happy with -

Double drop sea glass earrings

Then I made the 'sprig' pair, which turned out slightly art deco, and would probably look nice in other colours as well -

Sprig sea glass earrings

Then I made these, which took ages and ages, but I liked them. Sadly they were too heavy (I try to make earrings that are as comfortable as possible) so I modified them a little.

Chandelier sea glass earrings

They now look like this, and are light enough to make me satisfied that they will be OK to wear.

Chandelier sea glass earrings

Then I used the drops I had taken off to make these -

Hoop sea glass earrings

And finally I made these, which were inspired by a tea light holder I saw in Pinterest.
Sea glass lace flower earrings

I also made a smaller type of ring (my sea glass rings are quite large and chunky, using a lot of silver, so this is a slimmed down version -

Sea glass flower ring

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  1. O wow, these are lovely -- the hoop ones are brilliant!


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