Friday, 28 June 2013

June Mudlarking

I haven't been 'proper' mudlarking for a long, long time. The long winter, sea glass, gifts of pottery shards and me deciding to use up my existing collection of shards all contributed. So did laziness to be honest - it's hard work!

However, yesterday I spent the entire morning on the foreshore, having been there for about 20 minutes the previous day. I met some lovely 'ladies who mudlark', and it was a great fun, and also quite productive.

Here are some of my finds: I'll start with the non pottery shard things which I don't normally pick up, but was inspired to by my companions - this is an aglet. It's very tiny - this is a macro shot. Aglets are made of metal and would go on the end of laces. I didn't know they existed until Julia showed me.

Then I found this button - again very much enlarged, it is just button size but the macro shows the lovely details:

Then some very colourful glass - the round piece in the centre is a glass button, but the back has broken off. The texture is almost that of sea glass.

And now to the pottery pieces:

A cauliflower?

Pieces of people, and pieces of birds

Some lovely black and white patterns

blue and white patterns

some very colourful floral pieces

Delftware pieces

Lovely greens - my favourite is the very delicate piece of leaf - it's tiny though

Stars! I love stars! These will  be used on bracelets

and lastly - some textured pieces

 I have enough pieces for a while now, but I have caught the bug again so I will be going back soon!


  1. Wow you did have a productive morning- lovely pieces, you do have an eagle eye - glad you've got the bug again from one of your 'ladies who mudlark'.

  2. How wonderful!! what a productive day


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