Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mosaic Pendant

One of the things I love most about sea glass is the beautiful range of colours it can be found in. I play around with the batches I get, and plan my jewellery on little trays.
Here is an example of one of my 'planning' trays.

I use lino-cut inking trays which are stackable, you can get them on eBay. I then stick a layer of laminating film, sticky side up, onto each tray, so the pieces don't move. You can see three bracelets, some bar necklaces, a brooch and a few pairs of earrings set out, to be worked on at a future date. Also some 'miscellaneous' - I don't always remember what I had in mind :-)

Not everything gets made of course, these are just sketches.

Here is a pendant I finished yesterday, which came about by me putting all the yellows from  a batch of sea glass into a pile. They looked so nice together - each with their different shape and shade, that I had to use all of them in one piece that would show them off.

Here is the result - my first sea glass mosaic pendant.

Sea glass mosaic pendant in yellow

I now have one on the go in shades of aqua, and will work on getting the spacing and size of granules just right.


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