Tuesday, 3 December 2013

November Bracelet 2013 - Vintage Black and White Typography

This is the first piece from of a new range I am working on, that uses pieces of Victorian and Edwardian packaging pottery.

These shards come from containers that would have been everyday items in their day, and have their contents written on them.
Toothpaste, marmalade, fish spread, ointment and other medical preparations were all sold in ceramic packaging, which was thrown away after use.

I love the black and white, I love the old fonts, and the old decorations. One of the pieces even had the address of the manufacturer printed on it - I had to include it in the bracelet!

Black and White Pottery Shard Bracelet

To see all of the bracelets I have made so far this year please click here: Bracelets 2013

Here are a couple of earrings I made using similar shards:

Marmalade Jar Earrings made with pieces of a Dundee Marmalade jar from 1873

These come from a tooth paste pot:

Tooth Paste Pot earrings made with Victorian tooth paste pot


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