Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ancient Inspiration

My greatest new thing so far this year is listening to audio books while I make jewellery.
I stopped reading fiction a while ago, when I stopped commuting into London on the tube for work. The little time I had spare for reading then went to non-fiction, mainly stuff related to learning how to be self employed...

Now I can listen to lovely stories being read to me, and I'm still working so no guilt about loss of time is involved, and no strain on my eyes after a long day soldering.

I joined my local council's online digital library, which has a decent selection of books - they should keep me busy for a while!

Today, after my Hatton Gardens Assay Office visit,  I decided to go to the British Museum and take some photos of Anglo Saxon metalwork, which I have always loved.

Unfortunately, the very gallery I wanted to visit is under construction - I think they are revamping before the new Viking exhibition that starts in March. However, I still found some inspiring pieces in other galleries,  so I'm sharing the photos with you here and now.
Sorry about the quality - taken on a phone in dim lighting...


  1. what a great idea to listen to books! never thought of that, but a perfect way to 'read' while working. I saw a great Viking exhibit while in Ireland. My pics are dark tho since it was a darker exhibit - but still such amazing metal work! you'd have loved it

  2. Thanks for posting your photos of the Anglo Saxon jewellery. It fascinates me how they achieved what they did without electricity and all the tools we use these days. Such skill!


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