Friday, 17 October 2014

Pottery Shards and Sea Glass

Once again, I haven't posted for a very long time. Most of my communication is now through Facebook. 

I continue to experiment with sea glass and pottery shards, and have made a few bracelets that combine the two. I am quite fond of these, and intend to make some in as many colours as I can.
On the to-do list: browns, greys, dark blues, dark greens... Pink perhaps if I can find some pink sea glass...

The first one I made was in teal - a custom order. Then came the golden tones, light blue, then the green. The purple came after that, and last - finished just a few minutes ago - the black and white. Here they are in reverse order:



  1. Color combinations you made are great. I guess it should be reasonable too?

  2. I can't decide which is my favourite Tania as I was ooh-ing and aah-ing at how lovely each one was as I scrolled down the page :D


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