Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mismatched Sea Glass Earrings - Design Process

It's been a while....

I just thought I'd share the design process which lead to my new range of mismatched sea glass earrings. There is logic (I think) so here it is, the creative process step by step, in chronological order.

Since 99% of the pieces I make are one-offs, I spend a lot of time taking photographs, processing them, writing listing descriptions and generally managing listings in my online shop. I was actually trying to come up with some designs that I could re-make and re-list with one click - using only metal, no found objects.
Granules of silver are really fun to work with, so I came up with these:

I wrote down the 'recipe', and can make them to order. Great! Then I thought - those shapes are quite nice. Lets try them with sea glass... 
So I made these:

Then I thought - why symmetrical? I can make them asymmetrical too!

The next step was - I don't even have to make the silver shapes the same, just as long as they sort of balance... And I made these:

So I guess that for the time being, I am destined to keep on making one-off designs - that is what I keep coming back to. I didn't plan these, they just happened, but they are fun and I am off to make some more! Lots of new ideas now! x


  1. That's a really great idea and they all look fabulous too :D

  2. hello Tania! I've missed your designs and posts, and these are gorgeous! (as always) really loving the mismatched designs


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