Friday, 25 October 2019

Collage a Day - The Grand Finale - Day 100

Mixed feelings! On one hand I'm absolutely exhausted, and my brain seems to have been wrung dry. On the other hand - it was lots of fun, I learned tons, and I have certainly improved my collage and Photoshop skills.

Some days the images just flowed effortlessly out of my hands, other days I struggled, but persisted until I was happy enough, or falling asleep.

I will probably take a short break from collaging and go back to making jewellery, but I do want to continue making art, and hopefully I will!

So - here is the total of many, many hours of painting papers, cutting, sticking, scanning, moving things around and changing sizes and colours in Photoshop...

Me and my strange collection of googly eyed creatures, in a group photo, taken in one of my favourite collages - the one I did on day 91.

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