Thursday, 13 August 2009

Barbara Mary Campbell (CAM) BUTTERCUP FAIRY 1945 rare!

I recently sold this book by Mary Campbell (CAM). It's an extremely rare book, published in 1945. The story is of a fat fairy, who has been invited to a party being held by the fairy king.

She is too fat to move from her flower, so her friends build a sort of contraption to hoist here there. She managed to fall off, and lands on a hedgehog... causing her to 'explode'. It turns out she is thin - all the fatness was just air!

The fairy king, who had been rather bored of the whole party - thinks an exploding fairy is hilarious - and Buttercup gets some lovely new wings!

You can see more beautiful images in my collection (around the top of the set).


  1. I love this book because of the illustrations. I have a copy and it is in wonderful condition.

  2. I would love you to send me a copy please.
    my email is

    Thank you :)

  3. Hi Vee - I have emailed you the link! Enjoy!

  4. Hi Tania. Would you please email me a copy. We have a friend of the family who had this as her first story when she was young (she is now 76) and unfortunatley lost it in a house fire when she was 10. 2 Years a go she told my mum and I she would love to hold a copy again, so thought this would be a brilliant suprise opportunity. She is currently loosing her eye sight and would love for her to see it before it all goes. We would gratefully appreciate it. Many Thanks Kerrie. Email =

  5. I lost my copy of this book when it was accidentally torn up. ( I saw my stepfather tear it in half) Many many years later I was lucky enough to find a copy in West Sussex and it is now my prized possession. I always remembered if because of the illustrations particularly the one with the new-improved Buttercup flying away with her fairy escort and her new wings. I will never part with it, I couldn't bear to lose it a second time!


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