Thursday, 13 August 2009

Just a cat jumping over a bed of roses...

OK, I have been bad for not writing anything for so long. I am aware one should update one's blog regularly. We have been having too much fun... Peterborough Cathedral (you can see the pictures here), Audley End House (you can see the pictures here) and Dover Castle... (no good pics, it was too hot). It was my birthday as well, so I took some time off... now I'm feeling guilty.

I have become addicted to uploading images of vintage children's books to the pool on Flickr. You can see my current contributions here. I have been uploading images of books I sold long ago in my ebay shop. There are so many I consider myself mad for selling... It's not easy being a book addict and book seller, but at least I have a great collection of images to share :-)

I haven't been doing much on the Etsy front, but I will... I did add one image - a cat in red, pictured above.

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