Monday, 22 November 2010

Copper Fox Brooch

Today I decided to make a little copper fox brooch, and to etch the details (I really wanted to do the fur).
I started by piercing out the shape, then I painted the back and edges with acrylic paint (I don't have any proper 'resist' paint, but acrylic works fine).
Next was drawing the details in permanent marker - fun to do the fur :-)

Etching was about an hour (I think I should have left it another half hour but I got too impatient) - then I washed it, annealed and pickled it to stop any more etching happening, and soldered on the brooch finding.

The last stages were tumbling to polish, oxidising with Liver of Sulphur to bring out the details, and buffing it with some steel wool to remove the LoS from the high spots.

The result - photographed on my favourite scarf.

The next one will probably be a hedgehog! Lots of spikes :-)


  1. Fabulous work, he's beautiful! Vulpine inspired jewellery is the best:)


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