Sunday, 14 November 2010

Jewellery Photography

Taking good photos of jewellery isn't easy!
(apparently I just need to understand the basics of photography :-)

So - I am trying to learn from any source I can - mostly online tutorials, but also books and advice from friends. I have ordered a simple light tent, which should arrive soon, but in the meantime I am improvising.

These photos were taken on white tiles, a tip I learnt from a youtube tutorial.
The photos are of my seaweed earrings (version #1) which are a bit too big, but version #2 are not quite finished yet.

I have been working on 'depth of field' and using a tripod and a remote controle.

I am quite happy with these results - who knew a tripod would make such a difference :-)

So - hopefully when I am ready to put up some new pieces of jewellery, I can make them look their best.


  1. Hey Tania, Have just stumbled on your blog from a random google jewellery search. I am a teacher in Australia (from London) teaching jewellery in a secondary school (along with metalwork and engineering!)I am an illustrator by training and have had to teach myself jewellery from books, the internet and many many failures. We work with nickel silver mainly as students can be very wasteful...I would like to send you some pics of some jewellery experiments. You can email me at...
    and please have a look at what we do with our new life in Australia...

  2. Forgot to mention that I teach photography too. I assume that you are using a DSLR and if so, I would recommend that you get an extension tube so you can nice and close, and I would use an off camera flash with a reflector to bounce light back into the shadows or use bright natural light.


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