Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My discovery of the day - Fordite

We went to the GIA with school today (The Gemological Institute of America, but the London branch of course). We listened to a short but interesting introduction to gemstones. The longer courses look great - but are not cheap...

Anyway - they had a display cabinet with various gemstones and sparklies, and I spotted a very interesting looking substance called Fordite.

It is actually a recycled waste product from car manufacturing - layers and layers of enamel paint that have built up on the floors and walls of Ford paint workshops. Apparently it's rare now as the process of painting cars is automated and there is no more waste... Shame! It's very pretty!

These are some cabochons I found on Flickr, and underneath - how it has been used in a ring. I borrowed the image from Sabine - I hope she doesn't mind!

I love the stuff!

If you love it too - have a look at what the talented Etsy artists are making with it here!

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