Thursday, 3 March 2011

School project in progress - Art Deco inspired piece

Project is to take a figure from history, and use that as a stepping stone to design a new piece of jewellery. My figure is Wallis Simpson. From her I reached Art Deco, and found that I quite liked some of the designs, especially ones by Jacob Bengel.

One of the recurring motifs are graduated steps, so I used these as my visual reference.

I played around with some ideas, then it came to me - I could make them into stylized bees. This was probably to keep myself interested in the project - I like making creatures. Here is the very first idea sketch:

And the second:

Then came the model making - we had to have these cast, not fabricated - part of the brief...
There is no way I was going to carve this in wax, so I made the model in copper and fimo.

I then made a mould in two-part silicon, and tried to cast the wax myself. It wasn't really successful - each time I tried, a different part came out well, the rest - with problems...

So - I had to take it in to have a 'cold mould' made - expensive :-(

Next -  I had the pendant cast in silver. Here I have already cut off the sprue, partly polished it and soldered on jumprings to connect it to the chain:

I made an Art Deco style chain out of sterling silver tube, with jumprings soldered onto each end, and another wax cast element that will form part of the clasp:

To finish off the piece, I will need to add some beads (amber), polish, oxidize and finish working out how the clasp will work...

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