Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Drawing Lesson #2 with Joanna Veevers

Joanna Veevers is a ceramic artist, and part time tutor at the college I attend. She also makes beautiful  jewellery.
She has been teaching us drawing for the past two Wednesdays.

Our end of year project is 'Tiny Luggage'. We had to find something in our handbag to design a container for, using metal sheet manipulation techniques.

I haven't quite chosen my object yet but for the purpose of the exercises, I have been using blister packs of pills.

Last week we had to draw our objects using various techniques including mono-printing, and today, we continued the visual research with some new techniques.

First we had to make a concertina out of a strip of paper, then we drew our object, and passed the strip around for everyone to have a go. The things I got to draw included a paper list, earplugs, a camera, a tiny compass, a memory stick and some keys...

My drawing is on the left, then my classmates:

Then we did some watercolour studies, but as I'm not fond of my attempts, there are no photos, sorry :-)

The next technique she taught was carving into a rubber (eraser) to make little rubber stamps, and lastly we did some lino-cuts.
I haven't finished mine, but I will at some point...

The rubber stamps took just a few minutes to carve, and they were really fun to make. Ahhh..., takes me back to printing Lessons at art school... So long ago now.

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