Sunday, 12 June 2011

Cockpit Arts Visit - New Mugs by Fanny Shorter and Jewellery by Stephanie Ray

As I've been trying to concentrate on my end of year jewellery projects, I haven't had the time to do much else. Yesterday however, I left the house for an 'arty' day in London. I started with the open studios at Cockpit Arts, a collection of designer makers with studio space who open their workspace twice a year and show off (and sell) new pieces.

I fell madly in love with the work of a young illustrator called Fanny Shorter - you can find her website here.

She has created a series of 6 mugs illustrating the history of tea, a must have I thought - and bought two on the spot. They are absolutely gorgeous! Her illustrations are stunning, the size and shape of the mugs is perfect - I love everything about them and I'm seriously thinking of going back today to buy the other 4...

Here are mine - I bought wartime tea and modern day tea...

You can find the entire set for sale on her website, but you must hurry because the rights to the illustrations have been bought up by Twinnings Tea and they will be making their own use of them once she has sold off her current stock.

I also really loved the new 'Split Cube' and 'Paisley' collections by jewellery designer Stephanie Ray.
Here are two examples of her work which you can find on her website. Stunning! I couldn't buy anything but I really wanted to...

Brooch - Paisley Collection

Necklace - Split Cube collection

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