Monday, 25 July 2011

Jewellery Tool Making - Lesson 4

Our final evening was mostly spent making a chenier (tube) holder, used to hold tubing steady when sawing it. This rather complicated piece involved filing, piercing and drilling quite a thick piece of steel (0.5mm).

We also made tap and die components, and soldered the steel with easy-flo solder.

This is the result:

Hand Made Chenier Holder - Work In Progress
Click for a larger image

Because this was such a lot of work, we didn't quite finish the tools - all the jagged edges need to be filed smooth, and the long 'stem' needs to be filed into a taper, so that it can fit into a wooden handle.

Here is the tutor's finished sample piece - and what my one should look like when I've finished it.

Hand Made Chenier Holder - Finished Sample

I never imagined we would do anything quite as complex - I thought we would mainly be making our own punches - but it was really interesting and eye-opening. I'm sure I'll be making more tools.

Here is the entire collection of tools we made over the 4 evenings - each lesson was 3 hours long.

Click for a larger image

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