Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Researching Enamelling at Goldsmith's Library

Last time I spent a day at the Goldsmith's library, I was researching chain making. This time - enamelling...

They have quite a few books on the subject, and I picked up some useful tips. As ever, Eleni the librarian was extremely helpful. She told me about the Society of Jewellery Historians, who run lectures and publish a magazine about jewellery through the ages - stuff I'm into.

I also applied for my very first maker's mark at the Assay Office - a stamp with my initials that will be stamped on every piece of work I send to be hallmarked, unique to me. That's quite exciting!

Then I wandered down to the Thames to see if I could gather some pottery shards for new pieces of jewellery - but the tide was in. I'll have to go earlier next time...
I took some pictures of the Shard building, which is growing very quickly, and of the Tate Modern, such a beautiful building...

I took a different way back to Farringdon Station, and discovered a statue of a golden boy, and a garden that I've never noticed before near Smithfield. Tiny and peaceful, but with a bloody past!

London can be really good sometimes!

Goldsmith's Library
Gillie Hoyte Byrom- enameller
Society of Jewellery Historians
Smithfield Rotunda Garden

The Shard...

Tate Modern - I love that building!

One must always capture images of ironwork.

Golden Boy in his archway

Golden Boy - his expression isn't too happy...


Nice Garden - good place to sit down with a coffee and newspaper

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