Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Visual Delights of Upton House

I had to get out of London today - so I went to Upton House, a beautiful National Trust property in Warwickshire. Again it was on a whim, so I didn't do any research, just took off in the morning, with a cheese sandwich and a bottle of water...

The main surprise was a triptych by the school of Hieronymus Bosch that was part of the collection of paintings. You could get really close and examine it in a way that's just not possible in a museum. I spent ages looking at all the details, and think I discovered a very old and forgotten form of body piercing - on King Herod's thigh...

As well as the paintings, there was a collection of  porcelain and an unusual Art Deco bathroom with aluminium gilding. The gardens were beautiful, with a huge 'mirror lake' and best of all - it was completely quiet! Not many people around - everybody must have been at home watching Wimbledon or something?!

Here is a small collection of things that caught my eye - there is a folder with the rest of the pictures on Flickr

The triptych - click for a larger image
Medieval Body Piercing?

I took this because of the interesting necklace - click for a larger image

Three Ugly Sisters - from an illuminated manuscript

Half a Giant - from an illuminated manuscript - click for a larger image

This was in the plant shop - maybe I'll buy one next time

I can never resist fancy ironwork...

Foxes from the huge collection of Chelsea Porcelain

Couple - from the huge collection of Chelsea Porcelain

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