Friday, 1 July 2011

New Designers Exhibition 2011

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 Today I went to see the New Designers exhibition - slightly on a whim (I bought my ticket online very late last night) - and spent 5 hours there. My eyes were nearly bleeding by the time I left - soooo much to see, way too much to take in. But well worth it.

In the jewellery room the dominant colour was black metal - which I really like but now I'm slightly put off. I may develop a love of bright shiny gold instead, just to be different :-)

I didn't take pictures of individual work because not all the designers were there to give their permission, so I just took a ton of business cards instead.

Here are some of the things that stood out for me:

Rebecca Rasmussen made some amazing finger puppets, built on a thimble and manipulated with rings worn on two fingers. I fell in love with the little fox one she made. 

Hannah Reid is a very talented pattern designer, here work was very much to my taste!

Lorri Smyth showed some amazing wood panels, that could be made into furniture, flooring or jewellery

 Anna Krystyna Casey crochets wire and embeds it into glass - very striking and original. I love things encased in glass so here work definitely impressed me!

Craig Macauley made really unusual necklaces out of transparent thread and resin - made to look like dew drops on a spiders web. I would have liked to buy one of his necklaces to wear!

Probably my favourite non-jewellery designer was Helen Dumkow, who made amazing things with rubber bands. They were tactile and also beautiful!

 Hannah Burns had a ring which I really lusted after, you can find it on her website in the 'Desire' collection, it's the big red one! I love her jewellery!

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