Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday on the Thames

Went pottery shard hunting with my son today, but got to the river just as the tide came in... I'm not very good at interpreting the tide tables. We had hours to kill until the tide went out again, so we wandered along the Thames, looking for things to do.

We found the Bankside Gallery - a free gallery just next to Tate Modern, that was showing an illustration exhibition. It was really good! I never even knew that gallery existed - I'll definitely be going back. There is a great bookshop there and you can buy artwork and prints as well.

We also went to the Tate Modern, up to the Public Viewing Gallery in Oxo Tower, saw the Fusion Gallery (jewellery) at Oxo Tower, Gabriel's Wharf for Lunch, and even wandered into St. Paul's Cathedral... 5 1/2 hours later the tide went out enough for us to go and collect shards...

Bankside Gallery
Images 35 - Best of British Illustration

Images 35 exhibition

The bookshop at Bankside

I quite fancy the Eric Gill book - I'll add it to my wishlist...

Studio Fusion Gallery - I saw some pieces by my favourite jeweller - Daphne Krinos

Pottery Shards - On a shop at Gabriel's Wharf


  1. Tania, Sounds like you spent a wonderful day with you Son. I also hope that you were able to find a lot of wonderful shards for your collection.

  2. I love that your pottery shard hunting day accidently turned into so much more!!! Sounds like a great way to spend a day :)


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