Monday, 15 August 2011

Protests in Rothschild Boulevard

Yesterday afternoon we walked through the tent city in Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. The Israelis are protesting against the current financial difficulties, and lots of other things as well.

It was pretty deserted as we were told that most of the protestors were at work, and that they come back after work in the evenings.

When we went back at night, and it was indeed very lively: music, arguments, dancing, speeches, workshops...

You can read more about the protests here.

Here are my impressions in picture form...

Rothschild Boulevard renamed to 'If I Were a Rothschild Boulevard'

The beginning of tent city

The 'Animal Rights' area

Collection of Flags

Some spelling mistakes but the message is clear...

Free Haircuts 'On the House'

"The Nice Protest"

Rainbow tent

A girl busy stenciling protest t-shirts

Fish and tents

Back at night - songs of protest

"The First Cement Tent"

Back at night - speeches

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