Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fish, Dragons and Flourishes - The William De Morgan Museum

I have long been a fan of William De Morgan, who apart from being the man with the largest forehead I have ever seen - made some of the most beautifully decorated pots and tiles.
He is considered one of the most important ceramic artists of the Arts & Crafts movement, which is my favourite style.

After seeing some of his work in the V&A a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that there is a dedicated museum in Wandsworth!

It turned out to be one of those hidden gems you get in London - quiet, nice coffee shop, and beautiful art. There was hardly a soul there even on a busy Saturday (everyone must have been out shopping...).

His work is breathtakingly beautiful, and although there is just one large room, I spent a long time there taking in all the details. I think I particularly like the creatures he draws, as well as the pure decorative indulgence. His wife was an artist, and her work is there as well.

Enough words, here are some pictures:

Photography is not allowed, but the nice lady at the desk let me take this picture of the space

This isn't actually in the museum, but I love this pot, image taken from a book

Also from a book - some of these tiles were on display

I always see books I want - Secret London and Quiet London are now on my wish list...

Tea & Cake London also sounds like a must have to me!
The De Morgan Foundation
De Morgan image search
More info...

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