Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lovebirds - Finished Necklace, also some Whale Earrings

So I have sorted out the 'kinks' in the lovebirds necklace, and now it's in my shop. It was a matter of balance :-)

I have never made an asymmetrical necklace before - I'm usually a fan of symmetry (which is probably why I keep making earrings). But - because of the odd shape of the shard - it made more sense to balance it out visually with various elements.

I tried it on, and it does not twist, and even though it's not small - after a little while you just forget it's there - so it's comfortable as well, and I'm pleased about that!

I also made these today - some more whale earrings in oxidised copper and pottery shard...


  1. Oh, that's fabulous. It had to be asymmetrical. Cute whales too :)


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