Saturday, 19 November 2011

Enamel Colour Testing #1

So my kiln is up and running, and I own a sifter and a few enamel colours, a glass brush and carborundum stone. Nothing can stop me now :-)

I spent many hours today doing colour tests - with intentions of making a smooth evenly fired piece of each colour. Most of the time it went well, although I did have to do two coats on nearly all the pieces. The best behaved colours were the light blues. The only colour I had a problem with was the blue grey - I think I need to fire it at a lower temperature.

 Tomorrow I'll do the rest of the opaques, then it's on to the transparent colours!

I'm trying to be methodical and organized about this (not like me at all!) so that I'll have good reference pieces for the future, but it is tempting to just have a play... I'm sure I'll be doing lots of that as well though.

These pieces are all copper, with the enamel fired directly onto the metal.

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