Monday, 14 November 2011

Uninspired... But there is hope...

It's one of those weeks, I'm not feeling particularly inspired to make anything, just busy doing research into enamelling...

A pair of my earrings (from a better week) are now featured on Kelly Callahan's lovely blog,  please check it out, she has chosen some very nice items in '2011 Handmade Gifts for Her'. While you're there, be sure to look at '2011 Handmade Gifts for Him' as well!

The earrings she has featured are these ones:

Good news - I have actually operated my kiln for the first time, it works - and I am less afraid of it now. I'm so keen to get going with my enamelling that I have had to overcome my fear of kilns! I don't have all the enamelling equipment yet, as there was no point in getting any before I could use the kiln, but hopefully I'll sort that out this week, and have a weekend of experiments!

I even fired some copper clay owls in the kiln, and they seem to have come out fine. Beats torch firing!

These are really very tiny - they will fit on the tip of your little finger!


  1. are you selling those sweet owls???

  2. The owls are only test pieces, and only one of them has a hole... But I can make more :-)


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