Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Enamelled Roman Brooch Project #3

Currently working on the next batch... However I did continue fiddling with the first batch, just to see if any of the brooches could be saved. I had some luck with the red brooch, which looks quite different now:

I did re-fire it to reglaze it, and added another layer of light blue (not that apparent). The red did burn out a bit, but I quite like that effect in this instance, and I have decided not to oxidize the copper this time. So - not quite the original:

But I'll probably still wear it. It has it's charm.

The next batch is being done on much thicker copper, and I'm waiting for a much deeper etch...


  1. Wow Tania, I love how it turned out. It has a worn look to it and you left the copper shinny to patina on it's own. Can not wait to see more.

  2. colors are rich and deep - very nice!


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