Tuesday, 27 March 2012

7 out of 14 Chickens...

Here is some progress on my chickens. I worked out I will need 14 in all. And they will all need eggs, of course...

I have engraved them as much as I dared, and added some eyes as well.

Silver chickens
I would really love to work on this some more today, but I am busy writing my artist statement instead. It has to be done, and that's that. I need to hand it in on Thursday, and however tempting it is to just use the artist statement generator, I will protest quietly, and persevere...


  1. Tania, They are looking good. Cluck, Cluck!

  2. They are coming along beautifully.

    I love the fact they are all individual....wings, combs, wattles, tails all different.

    Claire :}

  3. Thanks Therese and Claire! I think their individuality partly stems from my questionable piercing skills... But I like them like that too!


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