Thursday, 12 April 2012

Engraving Lesson #6

I didn't write about lessons 4 and 5, but in lesson 4 we learned how to do lettering, something which I don't think I'll use that much for enamelling, but you never know... In lesson 5 we made a matting punch, our own hand made scribing tool, and learned how to burnish out mistakes. It's like magic!

In lesson 6 we were shown a variety of holding devices, to hold our work. From very simple home made clamps, to very expensive engraving blocks, which I won't be buying at this stage. We also made a bent graver out of an old graver tang, to get into the insides of rings. I love the  resourcefulness of making one's own tools out of materials that would otherwise be thrown away!
Next week is bonus lesson #7, which sadly will be the last.

Simple hand made wooden clamp for holding rings

More complex clamp for holding round things

My hand made bent graver, out of an old tang.
I'm very proud of this, and it was really fun to make.

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