Sunday, 6 May 2012

Green Dot Bracelet

Here is another dot bracelet, exactly the same design as the blue one - but with green dots. The bubbly transparent piece is some textured glass I found on the shore.

Green pottery shards and glass set in sterling silver

I quite like how these came out - now I want to make one in black and white, one in purples, browns, textured blue pieces, white textured pieces, medieval slipware.... So many possibilities. May have to wait until after my show though...


  1. Hi Tania,
    Gorgeous bracelet I love it! The bubbly glass is very neat looking.

  2. Hello Tania. I LOVE your pottery shard jewelry and have been planning to buy on Etsy. But, alas, you are on vacation. Are these pieces you are now making and showing up going to end up in your store??? I especially love this is my favorite color. Fingers crossed! Jeana

    1. Hi Jeana, thanks for getting in touch. At the moment I'm working towards my end of studies show, so the pieces I'm showing are for that. I will be opening my Etsy shop in July. I take commissions so if you like a particular piece, and it's not in my shop, I can make one for you. Thank again and all the best! Tania


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