Thursday, 12 July 2012

Art in Clay at Hatfield House

I went to Art in Clay on Sunday with my friend from Tokyo. It was my second visit and her first, and we had great fun walking around the giant tents looking at all the wonderful ceramics.
Another reason I wanted to check it out is because I would like to try and apply to sell my jewellery there next year perhaps, we'll see.

Most of my favourite ceramic artists were there, and lots of new work I hadn't seen before. It has now become my tradition to choose a birthday present there - last year I chose a wall plaque by Alasdair Neil & Sally Macdonell, which I love, and this year I chose a vase by Chris Barnes

I love stripy ceramics, and Chris makes colourful stripy ceramics! I would love to have some broken pieces of this to make into jewellery... (not my vase though!)

Chris Barnes Vase

This is it's new home on my windowsill, housing an
old wooden puppet I once found in a car boot sale.

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