Monday, 9 July 2012

Boar Head Bottle Base and Other Finds

Mudlarking again today. I was hoping to find some more coloured pieces, and bribed my son with the promise of sushi for lunch if he came to help me. He's very good at finding stuff.

When we got to the shore, there was a class of school children already there, busily picking up everything in sight, and when they left - another school trip turned up...

Oh well. We still managed to find a few good bits - here are my favourites:

* I have done a little research into the bottle base, and it seems likely to be a Gordon's Gin bottle, from 1926, with their boar's head logo. Some more information about the logo can be found here.

Gordon's Gin boar head bottle base - possible dating: 1926

Westerwald in the middle there, some Mocha Ware on the right

Marbled pieces - I love these but have never used them in my designs

Shiny things! A piece of mother-of-pearl and some iridescent glass

Quatrefoil patterned pieces which are not common - I see a pair of  earrings....

Delftware with half a face, a pink house and a crowned 'B'

Pieces of  the seal from Bellarmine jugs I think...


  1. I always love to see what you find!

  2. Tania,
    I truly enjoy seeing what you find on your shard hunts. These are all so amazing.

  3. Good to see you have been out mudlarking again! Julia

  4. Hi... i went 'larking today and came across a boar's head piece of glass, and a patterned sherd like your quatrefoil example. Did you find them between the Millenium Bridge and Queenehithe? I'll post my pieces on my blog shortly. Cheers, Shane


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