Friday, 7 September 2012

Simple Shards Pendants with Gemstones

I don't normally use beads these days, but I have tried out a new design using some gemstone beads I bought at IJL.
I like the added colour!

Pottery shard pendants with gemstones - amethyst, iolite and peridot

And here are some new pottery shards, mudlarked yesterday:

Yesterday's hoard - clean and drying!

Great Greens!

Two people - I love the face of the guy on the  left!

Nice patterns!


  1. Oooh lovely necklaces, I love how the beads compliment the shards, and what a lovely haul.

  2. I love these! love the color. I keep thinking I'm going to do less beadwork and yet it keeps dragging me back. I'm going to stop resisting. lol!

  3. wow.... look at 'em all! What fun....


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