Monday, 10 September 2012

The Thames Festival 2012

I had my first selling event at the Thames Festival this weekend. It was exhausting - but good fun.

This was my stall  - the photo was taken very early on Saturday, before most people had set up. Ok - so it had a pole in the middle of it, but nobody seemed to mind :-)

I think if I do more events of that kind, I will have to have some kind of banner / logo / branding. Lots to think about!

My very nice neighbours were: - Beautiful fabrics, bunting, sewing kits and handmade quilts.

The gorgeous Zoieanne Brown - Knitted everything, from headbands to pencil toppers! Fun stuff! - Lovely illustrated postcards, cards and prints.

Clementine & Bloom - Beautifully designed fabrics, made into home wares.

Everyone was generous with their tips and information, which was great - I learned a great deal from them, and it was fun to be among such creative and energetic people. But we had all wilted by 10.45 last night, when the Festival ended...

And it ended with a wonderful fireworks display:

I can hardly walk today after so much standing up. I was going to give myself the day off, but I'm not very good at doing nothing, so I'll get busy working on the upcoming relaunch of my Etsy shop. Perhaps just one more cup of tea first...


  1. Oh look at your lovely (and well stocked) stall. (you hard working thing.) Look forward to hearing all your top tips, and the low down on how it all went! C x

  2. So glad that you had a great time and it went well for you. Your stall looks beautifully laid out! I'm getting myself a banner from vistaprint, very reasonable, and the ones friends have bought from them look great.

  3. We love the Thames festival but sadly didn't get down there this year and disappointed we didn't catch your stall. Brilliant idea to have a stall there, I hope you sold lots. I see you have found my new pinterest account, at some point I'll be referencing it on my blog, hope you liked the board dedicated to your wonderful work! Julia


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