Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bridge Cuff-links - Finished

Cuff-links are time consuming to make, and one of the pairs I made today didn't quite work which is a shame.
When I make earrings, I try and split one shard into two, to get a match (in colour and wear, as well as pattern). Cuff-links are much bigger, so I have to use two separate pieces. (I very rarely find anything bigger than 2cm). This means going through my collection and picking out pieces that go with each other.

I found two pieces with buildings that looked nice, but once they were set, it was suddenly very apparent that one of them was a lot older and with a lot more wear. I will have to keep those aside and wait until I find new matches for them.

Shards with buildings on them don't come along that often but eventually something will turn up!

Silver and pottery shard cuff-links

And here are the bridge ones from the earlier post, now all finished:

Silver and pottery shard cuff-links


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