Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bridge Cuff-links - WIP

Cuff-links featuring little shards with images of a bridge - not from the same piece, I just happened to find two similar pieces on my last Thames mudlarking expedition.

They are just about to be set, and are lodged in pieces of *Thermo-Loc. That is the easiest way I find to set tricky pieces when you need to use two hands and a ring holder just won't do (and you don't have a GRS Benchmate).

* Note to self - next time try wrapping the cuff-link mechanism in cling film before putting into the Thermo-Loc to make the clean up easier afterwards. (It comes off quite easily but I would rather not spend time picking out tiny bits.)

I have some more shards with buildings on them that will be made into cufflinks, so hopefully more to follow!

Cuff-links waiting to be set with pottery shards

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